Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Maybe it’s the June rain and gloom, maybe it’s just the way I normally am, but I am getting really sad over the coots growing up.

Two baby coots

Their coats are starting to look a lot more like their parents’ coats, and some of them are getting the white badges.

One adult coot feeding a baby coot

Soon these noisy little monsters will be leaving the nest, and making their own home along the canal.

Two baby coots and one adult coot

And now I’m sad.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Who are the best coots in the world?

One baby coot and one adult coot

The ones that are really close to the canal side when I need to take photos of them in the pouring rain.

Two baby coots and one adult coot

I really like seeing how the water stays on their back like that, in perfect beautiful droplets on top of a fuzzy grey surface.

One baby coot and one adult coot

It also looks like one of them is starting to develop the white spot on their head.  They grow up so fast!

One baby coot and one adult coot

Also: random heron:

Heron in the grass

Thursday, 1 June 2017

If that woman keeps on feeding them in the morning, I might as well give up trying to take photos during my morning walk to work, because they know exactly where she lives and know that this is the place to be.

Three baby coots and one adult coot

At least one of them was a little adventurous while waiting for a free lunch, but still too far away for me to get a decent shot.One baby coot

But the bigger adult – yeah, right there.  Lovely shot.

One adult coot