Friday, 12 May 2017

Right past the Castle Lock, there’s an overspill.

The coots were swimming around there today.  One of the babies is very adventurous and wasn’t anywhere near their parents, but the other four swam alongside one of the adults.

Four baby coots swimming with an adult coot.

They’re definitely getting white feathers on their neck and breast and losing the scraggly yellow head feathers.

Four baby coots swimming

What was particularly great about them being at the overspill was that it meant they were in a place where you could get really close to them without getting down too far.

Two adult coots and four baby coots

Which, of course, meant even better baby photos.

A baby coot looking up

I think the black feathers might be the start of their adult coats coming in.

Baby coot swimming

And you can see that their feet still don’t have the white bits on them.

Baby coot standing

And they look awkward as hell.