Thursday, 20 April 2017

The babies are swimming around and chirping all over the place.

And there are definitely seven!

Dad Coot with the two babies

Two of them seem more adventurous and hang out with Dad swimming around the canal.

Five babies around the nest with Mama Coot

Whereas the other five hang around the nest more.

I tried to close-up of one of the babies, but my photo-taking abilities aren’t the best. I suppose if I get on the ground and carefully focus, I might get a better shot, but that’s for later.

One of the babies

But you can see the red head and weird yellow feathers. So hideous, but so adorable at the same time.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Two adult coots and six baby coots swimming along a corrugated steel canal bank

I counted six babies today as they swam in the canal.

Unfortunately, they were on the other side of the canal, so I couldn’t get a close-up of them, but they probably will be next to me soon one morning, and then I can get a photo of how ridiculously ugly they are.

Their heads are bright red, but with scraggly orange feathers on them.  It’s amazing they grow into such attractive adult birds.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

When I walked to work today, I thought that a heron or another predator had got to them, because the nest was empty.

The empty coot nest

But I was wrong!

Mama Coot with five of the babies on the nest

The babies are old enough now to go swimming, so when I thought they were gone, they were just off for a swim.  There are at least five, but other people have told me there are seven.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

A pair of Eurasian coots have their nest on the canal outside the office.

I’m always happy to see them, especially when they start building their nest in the spring.

Today, there are three babies!

The adult coots and the three baby coots

Two of the babies are by the coot in the water, and the third is up by the coot in the nest. You can make out their bright red featherless heads.

I see them every morning as I walk into work, so I plan to keep on taking pictures of them and updating this post with the latest. With any luck, we’ll see them grow up!