Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Parent coot and two babies

This morning, the family was alongside the bank next to the office, learning how to eat algae and moss off of the bank wall.

Of course, being along the bank wall meant that it was difficult to get shots of the entire family, because there’s the slightest overhang and if I wasn’t careful, I’d be joining them in the canal.

Parent Coot and two babies swimming next to the bank

But I did get this great shot of one of the babies getting a snack.

Parent coot feeding a baby coot

There’s definitely a nest in the usual spot they used to nest at, but I haven’t seen it populated.  It might just be instinct that’s causing them to set it up there, but, at the same time, it’s nice to see.

An empty nest on the canal

I also got to see the ducklings thriving nicely.

Duckling swimming along

And a rowboat that had either been used for joyrowing, or someone hadn’t tied it up well enough.

The rowboat on the canal

Maybe the coots will make a nest out of that.